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Chewton Bunny is on trend

Chewton Bunny is on trend

In October we spent weeks looking at fresh local ingredients and coming up with an innovative menu to suit all our lovely customers.

Our chef suggested a new concept of bubble and squeak cake served up with layers of streaky bacon & free range poached eggs, finished with crème fraiche. When asking our panel of food tasters who said bubble and squeak is too old-school, boy when they sampled it they then knew they were wrong and all agreed this is one of their most favourite dishes for brunch.

So here we are 4 months on and all customers agree with our food tasters.

Our next task was to come up with a name for this fabulous dish - looking out of the window from the Cliffhanger at The Needles and the Chewton Bunny we realised Chewton Bunny was perfect for this dish. Everyone who visits Chewton Bunny describes it as simply completely perfect it came to be for the name of our dish.

Come and visit us and sample the dish described as simply perfect by our food tasters and everyone who tries it.

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